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What we offer

CNC Turning

One-piece and large-scale series production

We produce a wide range of turned parts, from serial production of very small parts to complicated one-piece production.
During production, we are limited only by the maximum dimensions of parts - a maximum diameter of 320 mm and a maximum machined length of 500 mm.
We produce from all available materials - all types of steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics. We are also able to machine hardened materials and thus save on grinding costs.
During production, we focus on maximum machining efficiency while complying with all specifications of the drawing documentation. We are able to mill more complex parts directly on lathes or on a machining center, so we are not technologically limited.

CNC Milling

3-axis and 4-axis milling

We machine on a 3-axis machining center with an additional 4th axis and are thus able to produce very complex parts in one operation.

We mill all types of materials - non-ferrous metals, plastics, stainless steel and hardened steels.

Complete production assurance

From material to transport to the customer

For our customers, we provide complete production of parts, from the input material for production to the surface treatment of manufactured parts.

If necessary, we create drawing documentation, 3D models of the part and design suitable production technology and material for the product.

In cooperation, we are able to mediate all surface treatments, heat treatment, grinding and any other technological processes. We can always deliver completely finished parts to customers.

Production samples


Machining center

3 axis Machining center
with added 4th axis
Max. travel in X axis: 1020mm
Max. travel in Y axis: 540mm

Machining center
DNM 4000

3 axis Machining center
Spindle speed: 12000 rpm
Max. travel in X axis: 520mm
Max. travel in Y axis: 400mm

CNC lathe

CNC lathe with driven tools and Y-axis
Max. turned length: 520mm
Max. through the spindle
diameter: 65mm

CNC lathe
Puma GT2600M

CNC lathe with driven tools
Max. turned length: 610mm
Max. turning diameter: 410 mm
Max. through the spindle dia.: 81mm

CNC lathe

CNC lathe with 3 meter barfeeder
For large-scale series production
Max. rod diameter: 42mm

Material division Band saws

Hand saws and saws with automatic material feeding
The maximum length of the bars is 12 meters

Why work with us

Our team

Petr Polášek
Executive of the company

Tel.: +420 723 108 772
E-mail: petr.polasek@kovoma.cz

Martina Horecká
Executive of the company

E-mail: martina.polaskova@kovoma.cz

Denisa Polášková Olivová

Tel.: +420 605 318 617
E-mail: olivova@kovoma.cz

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